1. bitvote has bug of replay protection, in order to completely solve the security problem we will
fork again from height 505050, please use the latest code(
to synchronize the data from the very beginning
2. Official nodes are from to
3. Compensate for the old btv: please send email to [email protected] to get detail, please use “compensate for the old btv” as email title; The deadline is April 1, 2018

Bitvote is a fork of Bitcoin, and its abbreviation is BTV. There will be no premining and additional issuance.

Bitvote uses the CryptoNight algorithm, which responds to Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of one-CPU-one-vote and true decentralization.

Bitvote establishes a foundation and promotes a sustainable development of communities. Features such as smart contract, lightning network, community vote and others will be added to Bitvote finally.




Bitvote uses CryptoNight algorithm, which responds to Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of one-CPU-one-vote, to balance hashrate distribution, making decentralization a real thing.

BTV Foundation

Bitvote Foundation is a non-profit institution. It aims at promoting the development and maintenance of Bitvote, and supporting the development of related techniques.

Replay Protection

Improved wallet safety and eliminated double hashing problem make complete replay protection come true, which protects users and their tokens from various accidents as well as malicious threats.

Block Size Expansion

The block size is expanded to 8M, and the block also supports segwit. Transaction speed can be improved greatly, so bitcoin network congestion will be completely solved and its practical values will be added.

Lightning Network

There is no need to trust the other party or the third party to achieve real-time and huge amounts of transactions, and payment channels are introduced to enhance the extensibility.

Smart Contract

With the system that has infinite possibilities and the ability to issue assets and establish applications, Bitvote is a token which integrates values and practicability together.

Block Vote

Bitvote employs the scheme of block mark bidding and voting independently. The development direction of the community will be decided by the voting result; thus an autonomous community can be established and divergences can be solved democratically.



Bitvote Dev

Mysterious Team





Linux version is on github, please use code to commpile



Linux version is on github, please use code to commpile